About us

Montbrió Belvedere was started by a Dutch family, that wanted to restore a dilapidated farm with an olive orchard (the Mas), to its former glory in the Catalan countryside.

The farm belonged to Don Pedro. Unfortunately, his children did not wish to continue the farm. Don Pedro was forced by his age to sell the farm. We were the lucky buyers: Ronald, Lisette, Susanne en Boaz. Two city raised parents and two amazing children, dreaming of trading the hectic Netherlands for the peace and quietness of the Spanish countryside.

Our olive orchard is 14 hectares and contains 4500 Arbequina olive trees (Arbequina is a little olive). The olive trees are planted in the traditional way. Meaning that the harvesting of the olives and taking care of the trees need to be done manually. There is not enough space between the trees for a tractor to move.
It is a lot of work, but on the other hand, the harvesting by hand means that the trees and the olives are far less damaged than they would be when we would use machines. And that improves the quality of the oil!

Also, harvesting the olives in this way is a real treat. We enjoy, every November, the harvesting of the olives, when we in the early morning and the early sun, find ourselves surrounded by olive trees, with our little rakes that we use to strip the olives from the branches. Just look at those colors! Have a look at our photo album and taste the atmosphere.

Why adopt an olive tree

You will receive 10 half a liters of delicious, very special, extra virgin Arbquina olive oil, from the orchard of Montbrio Belvedere. This oil is pressed cold, bottled directly afterwards, and delivered at your doorstep. This means that you will receive your olive oil at the latest within three weeks after the harvest. It does not get fresher than that!

  • Your 10 half a liters will be delivered in silver-colored cans. Because the cans protect the oil from the light, the oil stays fresh much longer. Also, the cans make a nice decorative gift.
  • We will (hand) make a little wooden nameplate for your tree.
  • You will receive an adoption certificate.
  • If you wish we can make you a personalized label for your cans of olive oil, showing your name, logo, Christmas wish or another text. (supplement € 10,-). When you do not wish to have a custom label you will get the label of Montbrió Belvedere.
  • Every can will have the name of your tree on the backside.
  • You will have the opportunity to take part in the harvest of the olives in November of December.

The adoption costs are € 98,- plus shipping costs, per year.

From olive to olive oil

Our most important task is, of course, taking care of the trees, and harvesting and pressing the olives. The way we care for the trees and olives, the way we harvest them, together with the quality of the soil and the climate, determine the quality of the oil.

Taking care of the trees

In the months December till May the olive trees are being pruned. It is important to open up the crown of the tree, so that sunlight can reach the branches. Pruning is a real craft. After the yearly pruning, the thick cut branches have to be taken out of the orchard as soon as possible, as they contain worms that will come out, and affect the olives. Twice a year the trees are sprayed with a spray containing sulfur, to fight the olive fly. We do not use pesticides. Four times a year all trees receive a bucket of nutrition.

The trees are inspected all year round. We check their growth, to see if it’s balanced, and their health. We also remove the weeds that grow between the trees. This is a daily battle!

Harvesting, pressing and “bottling”

From November up till January olives can be harvested. The time of harvesting is important for the quality of the oil. An olive that is harvested later and thus is riper, will contain more oil, but has a less fruity taste. We have chosen to harvest in November of each year. This means that you will receive your olive oil before Christmas!

At least once a day the harvest is transported to the press and pressed. For one liter of olive oil, we need 6-10 kilos of olives. The oil will be “bottled” in cans. This keeps the light out, and increases its shelf life and maintains its properties. Then, the labels are put on and the oil is delivered to our customers.


Adopt an olive tree

Further questions

Do you have a question for us, please do not hesitate and use the contactform below. We will respond as soon as possible. Thank you for contacting us.

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