Adopt and olive tree

When we bought our farm, our dream was not only to start an ecologically responsible B&B but also to improve a small piece of land, making it sustainable and giving it a dignified place back to nature and the generations to come. And we are busy doing just that!

Our olive grove is 16 hectares in size. All the olive trees are of the Arbequina variety, typical of this region. The Arbequina is a small olive, which gives a soft, fruity oil.
The entire orchard is kept in an Ecological Way, complemented by techniques from Regenerative Agriculture. This means that:
soil care is the basis.
we do not use chemical pesticides.
– we keep the soil vegetated, improving water management and biodiversity.
– we do not use artificial fertilizers, only animal manure from a local chicken farmer and compost.
– we use active microorganisms to improve the soil and protect the trees against diseases.
we do not plough, to prevent CO2 stored in the soil from ‘escaping’
– we dispose of all green waste from the B&B’s ornamental garden, as organic material in the orchard.
we do not burn the pruning waste. Instead, we grind it and leave it in the orchard.
– we use solar energy for our water pumps.

In October and November, the olives are picked. We take the harvest to the mill every day. There they are cold-pressed.

Our oil is Extra Virgin Ecological olive oil.

To be able to call olive oil ‘Extra Virgin’, its acidity must be less than 0.8 degrees. Virgin olive oil has a maximum acidity of 2.0 degrees. Acidity is the weight of free fatty acids in the total amount of oil. In general, the lower the acidity, the better the oil. Our oil has an acidity of less than 0.2 degrees.

If you want to contribute to more sustainable agriculture, or if you want to adopt your own little spot under the sun or give a great and healthy gift to someone, adopt one of our olive trees. You will receive 10 personalized cans of delicious Ecological olive oil from our orchard, an adoption certificate, and more.

Adoption Benefits

When you adopt an olive tree, you will receive:

  • Ten half litres of delicious, exclusive, extra virgin Arbequina olive oil from Montbrió Belvedere’s orchard. This oil is daily cold-pressed, bottled immediately, and transported and delivered to you. This means that you will receive your own ecological olive oil no later than 3 weeks after the harvest. As fresh as can be!
  • The oil comes in silver-coloured cans. As no light can penetrate the cans, the oil stays fresh for longer. The tins are very decorative and a nice gift. On the back of each can, we put the name of your tree.
  • An adoption certificate.
  • The opportunity to participate in the annual olive harvest in November.

Adopting an olive tree costs €120 plus shipping costs. We do not ship outside the EU. If you want to adopt an olive tree, please fill in the contact form below or call or WhatsApp us at +34633615215. Emailing is also possible: