Mas Montbrió Belvedere was awarded by Re-Think Hotels in 2017 as the best sustainability project in the hotel sector in the whole of Spain

When we bought the house in 2008, our dream was to create a sustainable, carbon-neutral accommodation without compromising comfort. After years of work and investments, this dream is now a reality. We are proud of it!

We installed:
– A geothermal installation that provides for the heating and cooling of the entire B&B.
– A wastewater treatment plant for grey water. We purify the water with mycobacteria and then use it to irrigate
   the olive trees.
– 45.4 KW of solar panels. These 45.5 KW provide about 80% of our total energy needs.
– 40m2 of solar panels to heat the pool water.
– LED lighting.
– Extra energy-efficient windows.
– Insulating solar foil on the south-facing windows.
– Water-saving toilets, shower heads, and taps.
– Energy-efficient electrical appliances.
– A shared large fridge in the main kitchen instead of minibars in the rooms.

We planted a huge amount of trees and plants to offset our CO2 emissions, and we adopted several ‘Eco-practices’:

– We collect rainwater and condensed water from the air-conditioning system in our water basin.
    We use this water to irrigate the garden.
– We separate all our waste.
– We compost all our organic waste and use it in the garden.
– We change towels only on request of our guests.
– We change sheets once every 4 days.
– We buy local and seasonal (ecological) products, for example, honey from the neighbours, fruit,
    and vegetables from our garden or local farmers, and eggs from our chicken.

– We do not use single-use plastic. We recycle and refill plastic toiletries.
– We monitor our energy and water consumption. 
– We have a social policy for our employees.
– We welcome everybody.

In November 2014, Tripadvisor rewarded us ‘Eco Leader’ after an extensive audit by US and Canadian auditors. Only 5 accommodations in our province received this reward.

In November 2016, Spanish energy company Endesa, labelled us A+++.

And in 2017, we were rewarded “best sustainability project in the hotel sector in all of Spain” by the Ministry of Energy!

Of course, the house has a class A energy certificate.

We are proud to offer you a sustainable, eco-friendly accommodation!