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Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra 2L Bottle (incl. adoption)


AOVE /EVOO Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Mas Montbrío Belvedere

Yearly Adoption : No renewal commitment
Choose the name of your tree
You will receive an adoption certification
In december you will receive 10x 500ml canned AVOE Arberquina Oil from your tree
Please consult us for shipping price
Free shipping to belgium, Netherlands and Germany

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EVOO  the base of fundamental principles:

  • Soil care is the primary basis, trying to be respectful with the natural environment.
  • Prevention and healing of possible deficiencies or plagues that affect the trees.
  • Following-up and caretaking of the fruit during the ripening process.
  • Tree and fruit-friendly harvesting.
  • Immediate transport and grinding after harvesting the olives.
  • Grinding exclusively with mechanical means and oil extraction in cold.
  • EVOO storage
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